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What is e-ticket?

An electronic ticket is a paperless means of ticketing. In comparison to traditional paper tickets, the new electronic ticket system has important advantages: It is cheaper, It is quicker - Once your payment has been authorised and you have received your confirmation email, you have all you need to travel! You can’t lose your ticket It is more environmentally friendly E-ticketing is now standard throughout the travel industry. It is therefore advisable that you take a copy of your confirmation email/ receipt with you at all times when travelling or keep a note of your confirmation number.

When do I get my Ticket?

After you receive booking confirmation email, you will be sent another email prior to 24 Hours of your flight which will contain e-ticket, provided your payment has been authorised.

What if my payment does not go through?

In the case of payment being declined or not going throught otherwise, please note the Booking Reference number from the page which shows transaction has failed and contact us to arrange alternative method of payment. We will look into this matter and find a suitable way to resovle the issue.

What happens after you make your booking and how do I know if my ticket has been confirmed?

When you make a booking, a booking reference no will be given when you click on "Confirm Booking". An automated email will be sent to you confirming the same booking ref (Please check your junk mail). If you do not receive this email please contact us on

Can I change date of my booking?

Most economy fares do not allow date change. Where you’re booking is allowed to make changes we can rebook for you, this is subject to seat availability and £15 admin charge and other Airline charges. The fare might go up if the lower class seat is not available.

Can I Cancel a booking after I purchase the ticket?

Most economy fares are non-refundable and non-transferable. If your ticket is refundable then we will process the refund and charge an admin fee of £60 + Airline Fees. Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for the refund to process. Where tax can be refunded, we can process the tax refund which will also be subject to £60 admin fee.

Can I change name on my booking?

No. Once the booking is confirmed we are not able to change or modify the name. When booking your ticket please give the name as spelled in your passport. However in such circumstances we will request the Airline to consider but this may be subject to a charge and not guaranteed.

Can I claim a refund on my Tickets?

Most economy or special fare do not allow refund. Where there is refund applicable we can process the refund for you which is subject to £60 Admin fee + Airline Fees and takes 8-10 weeks to process.

How long before my departure do I need to check in?

You are required to report to the Airline check in desk 3 hours prior to your departure.

What is API (Advance Passenger Information)?

API means advance passenger information. This is required by almost all the Airline and is mandatory to enter some countries. The API includes; Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport No, Country of Issue, Expiry Date.

Which terminal is my flight from?

On your e-ticket, which we send you by email will contain the airport terminal your flight is from. If for any reason you do not have that then please contact us;

What is the baggage allowance?

Baggage allowance vary between different Airlines, you will find your baggage allowance on the email which contain your e-ticket. If not then please contact us or the Airline. Please note that lot of Airline restrict 2 piece luggage and most transatlantic flight restrict 1 piece luggage.

Can I make bookings for third parties?

No. Only the payment card holder can purchase the ticket for themselves along with other passenger travelling with you. However, Hillside Travels reserves the right to review the legitimacy of such bookings as appropriate and authorise accordingly.