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Welcome to Agents Page

There is growing number of strong players entering the market in already a very competitive travel industry. Customers are can easily compare the market price and the available products. We understand the need for a very completive price which needs to be offered to your customers, keeping that in mind we offer our agents the best possible price to protect your business and your growth. Our agent corner just let you do that and more.

What can you do by being an Agent?

We offer our agents, access to all major Airlines flight as well as the best fares available. Once you are approved as one of our agent, you will have access to the Agent section of the web, through which you will be able to search and book your desired flight without being asked to make payment each time you book. You will also get assistance from our experienced travel consultants in regards to any of your queries. Since we will give a net fare, you can decide your own mark-up on each sale which gives you the flexibility to negotiate with your customer and make the sales accordingly.